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Training Tips from Greater Grand Rapids YMCA

Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners
Releasing the tight spots while freeing the mind
Teri Burgess-Brown, Senior Health and Wellness Director, Mary Free Bed YMCA

We are wise and we chose to run. We run to stay healthy or become healthier. We run to reduce stress or to reach a goal. Running has so many benefits and strengthens our bodies as well as improving our everyday lives. 

Over time, running can also take its toll. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and our connective tissue becomes less pliable and resilient. In order to keep our bodies functioning efficiently, incorporating a few simple changes can make a big difference.  Read More.

Eating and Exercise

Pre-Workout Fuel
Fueling before exercise can look different for everyone. It varies based on exercise intensity and length, and how well your GI tract handles pre-workout food. Eating something an hour or so before exercise can keep your blood sugar from dropping during activity and give you more energy! Don’t forget to hydrate before activity as well.  Read More

Strength Training Benefits for Runners

Charlie Williams EP-C
Senior Health and Wellness Director
David D. Hunting YMCA

The Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

Runners can benefit from strength training, but why aren’t they doing it?  Endurance runners sometimes develop a habit of focusing only on their regimented running program and forget the equally important side of building strength.  Strength training has many benefits for runners.  Runners should try to find time in their training schedule to incorporate a strength routine.  When this is done correctly, their performance will improve.  How much strength training is needed for running improvement?  Read More

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