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Spectator Hot Spots


  • Start Line on Monroe south of Pearl Street
  • Market Street South of Fulton
  • Johnson Park
  • Veteran’s Memorial Drive
  • John Ball Park
  • Finish Line along Ottawa between Fulton and Pearl

Spectator Hot Spot Locations Map


Become a Spectator

  • Make noise and encourage runners (cheer, clap, play music, etc)
  • Create signs with words of encouragement.
  • Shout out encouragement to runners individually by their bib number (i.e. Go #4562, you’re doing great – please avoid phrases like “you’re almost there, not far to go, etc). Participants will appreciate it.
  • Do something to make runners smile. Sing, dance, blow bubbles and have a good time.
  • Live on the event course? Have a party with friends and/or family and cheer on the participants.
  • Travel to different spots along the event course and cheer from the Finish Line.
  • Be prepared for the weather.
  • Please do not crowd the participants by standing in the street.
  • Participants in the back of the pack need encouragement too! Please continue to cheer them on as well.
  • If you see a participant that needs help or medical attention, please note their participant bib number and advise a Course Crew member, identifiable medical staff or a Police Officer.

Other Ways to Engage

  • Volunteer! Many jobs available from Event Packet Pick-up, Aid Stations, Course Crew to Post Event Refreshments and many in between.  YOU help make the event a success!
  • Download the RaceJoy app to track to know where to be in time to see your family and/or friends pass by. 

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