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Social Groups

Social Groups will allow people to participate in a variety of Fifth Third River Bank Run event distances all under one umbrella while saving $3 on their registration.  Anyone can establish a Social Group – companies, nonprofits, churches, schools, group of friends – with no extra fee and then recruit the members they would like to join them on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Once a Social Group has been created online, the initiator receives a unique URL they can forward to those they would like to join their group.  For 12 and younger participants, please email us for a discount code.

Social Groups can be created with a minimum of 10 members and allow for an unlimited amount of people to join.  Each participant is scored individually in their age group.  Sign up your group today!

Below are the steps to create your Social Group:

  • Click this link to go directly to the Fifth Third River Bank Run Registration platform.
  • Click on TEAM in the blue column on left
  • Scroll to bottom of page and select “Register and Create a Team” or “Create a Team without Registering”
  • Login or Create an Account
  • Select the Social Group from the drop down menu
  • Create a TEAM name, enter a password (optional) – if you create a password, you must remember to include it with any correspondence to employees, leave the default event blank
  • Select “Create Team”
  • You will have a screen pop-up with the unique URL that can be emailed to employees – copy/paste this URL when you invite employees to join
  • As the administrator, the team will in your account profile under “My Groups/Teams”

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