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Last spring, following a Hills & Hops workout, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings feeling devastated.  I was a Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K Road Warrior in 2016. And, on that particular night, the Road Warrior coaches advised me not to continue with my goal of completing the 25k, as I was injured.  However, I wasn’t devastated because I was injured, but because I felt like I was returning to the old version of Sarah that was over 400 pounds and was slowly dying.  It was shocking to my system, as I had not felt that way in a couple years.  Actually, not since before I had bariatric surgery in 2014 and slowly changed my life.

You see, I am not the traditional runner. I was super-morbidly obese for the majority of my life and I saw myself as someone that lived inside her comfort zone and was failing at life. Until one day when I wondered if I could run.  I have no idea where this thought came from as “running” was not a word in my vocabulary.  But the next thing I knew, I was increasing the speed on the treadmill and I was running!  It only lasted about 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds had a huge impact on my life.  Surgery was the moment I saved my life; running is when I started to live my life.   Running for those 30 seconds made me believe that there was a whole world of things that I could do, if I wanted try.  That is the reason I became a Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warrior in 2016.

I firmly believe that goals do not change, only the timeline for completing them changes. Since last spring, I have completed a couple half marathons and a marathon, but the 25K is still on my goal list.  That is why I made the decision to come back as 2017 Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K Road Warrior. I will finish the 40th Fifth Third River Bank Run!

My goal as Road Warrior is to continue to inspire people to try something they didn’t think was possible.   I also want to show that we can all reach our goals when life gets in the way.  The important part is that that we keep going and don’t give up on our goals.

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