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Rory Beth Novosad


I started running years ago! When I started it was for the “me time” and in an effort to get healthier. I am a wife, a mother and I work part time. Being a wife and mom are my number one priorities, and by far my favorite jobs! For them, I want to be the best and healthiest person I can be.

When I first saw the advertisement to be a Road Warrior I thought, why not try it. Who wouldn’t LOVE to have the opportunity to be expertly trained in something you already enjoy. Even though I have been running for years, I am by no means experienced or advanced runner. I have completed many 5K’s, but never pushed myself further than that.

In years past, I’ve run the River Bank Run with my Mom. Running was something that we had in common and both enjoyed. Unfortunately, this past August my mom lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer.

By being a 2017 Road Warrior I am;

Continuing something we both enjoyed
Staying healthy, for both myself and my family
Raising money and awareness with my charity partner, Purple Community. To help fight this disease that affects so many.
Completing a 10k is something I know I can do. By doing it with an encouraging and supportive team this is something I know I finally WILL do!


Fifth Third River Bank Run

PO Box 2194
Grand Rapids, MI  49501-2194
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