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My Name is Jamie Nye and I’m the kid who couldn’t run a mile in gym class. Even after spending three days of week “training” in class, I couldn’t make it pass the first quarter mile without stopping.  Heck, my idea of a sport was the marching band.  Flash forward 10 years and an eighty pound weight lost. I’m looking for something to speed up my morning walks.  I start “running” to the next stop light to hurry things along.  Eventually, I string those stop lights together and voila, I’m a two mile runner.

A few years later, my now husband, suggested that I try running a 5k.  I’m sure he regrets that now.  It was hard, and I started out too fast, It hurt and there were tears, but I got the bug. After finishing that first 5k, I immediately signed up for the Bridge Run 10 mile race.  I trained for that doing loops on a one mile trail, going back and forth.  Often, my husband was reading the newspaper on a bench while cheering me on.  I lined up the morning of the race with never going the full 10 miles before and I was sure the 10th mile was going to be the one that would kill me.  It was close, but I survived. So of course, the next thing on my mind was the 25K. Knowing my little one trail was not going to cut it, I joined RunGazelle (now RunGR) and never looked backed.

In the ten years since then, I’ve ran the full Fifth Third seven times.  Also, I have finished a full marathon five times as well some halves, 10 milers, and smaller races along the way. Heck, I’ve actually pulled off a half ironman, though I’ll admit that caused some tears. Because I love the running community, I’ve been giving back. I served on the board of RunGR for a while, currently hold positions on both the LMCU Bridge Run and North Country Trail Relay race committees. I’ve co-captain an aid station at the Grand Rapids Marathon for the past five years and have help out with many other races. I love pushing fellow runners to be on the other side of an event. It is so rewarding.

After a few years of struggling with injuries, I’m back to racing. My number one goal is don’t get injured again.  My next goal, don’t get injured again. I’ve embraced cross training especially strength training.  I’ve even been boxing.  All of it makes me a better runner and I can’t wait to make it all pay off on race day.

So when not running, I’m a work at home computer programmer.  Makes sneaking off for a midday run/workout so easy.  I love cooking and sharing a vegetarian meal.  I make a mean vegan cupcake as well as many other bakes goods.  If I hand you one, you should try it.

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