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Brian Switzer


Just a Road Warrior sharing the joys of running… that’s me!

Running has brought so much joy to my life and has helped me deal with the everyday struggles itself.  Running is my friend.  Running has always been there for me in good times and in bad.  In the bad times, running has proven to be my best friend and gotten me through it all.  I’m a single dad and sometimes life can be overwhelming. Running is also my own personal therapist, it calms me.  While out running I can laugh, cry and even sing out loud… my constant companion. Running never judges me.

My personal goal for the 2017 Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K is to become a member of the ever elusive 2 Hour Club.  I’ve run the 25K three times and have come close to the 2 Hour Club and I’m convinced that 2017 is my year!  

Please come join me on my journey and experience the joy of running!

Fifth Third River Bank Run

PO Box 2194
Grand Rapids, MI  49501-2194
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