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Dr K - Pardon Me

Pardon Me!
Ed Kornoelje DO, Metro Health Sports Medicine
December, 2016

 Pardon me—this will not be my typical running article.  Training for he Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K is underway (gulp), and we are just getting into winter!  (By the way, there will be more on winter running coming soon)!  So where am I going with this one?  Pardon me one more time—no hints!

 I am headed south to a conference.  Yes, I will attend the sessions, but I am looking forward to getting in a few more warm weather runs as well.  One debate in our house: more fun to run in warm weather or cold (for the sake of this discussion I will assume that most of us think running is fun)?  I believe we are split down the middle—my wife and son cool, my daughter and myself warm.  There are other debates we have—hat or no hat, 5K’s or marathons, Brooks or Nike (or Asics, Hoka…).  You get the point—even though we don’t agree on everything running, we are all still runners.  The bond is the activity, not how we do it. 

 Waiting for my next flight I see and hear a lot of different things.  It’s Jimmy V week on ESPN and images of Jim Valvano, Stuart Scott and others afflicted with cancer are speaking.  There are monitors with news, weather and sports, and shops with magazines and books and coffee.  And there are people—a lot of them.  From all over with familiar and unfamiliar accents and languages.  Some without kids and some with (and sometimes the kids are loudish).  Many laugh and smile as they head…wherever. 

 So why am I letting you in on all of this?  Simple:  when we compete as runners, we don’t let the debates we have with others take the focus away from the common goal—get across the finish line.  We may all run different, look different, dress different, and even enjoy the race for different reasons.  In the end we are more likely to help our fellow competitors when the run gets tough than leave them to fend for themselves.  So why don’t we do that in life?  It seems many of us are more likely to focus on the debates than the race—more likely to focus on the differences (and in many cases accentuate them) than put them aside for the common goal.  Just as with running that does not mean we don’t compete like crazy, but it does mean we yield to others when things get tight and focus on being runners (or neighbors) instead of competitors.  If we all work together we have a greater chance of being successful.

 Too heavy a topic for a simple running blog?  Right now I don’t think so.  Too many of us good, neighborly folk are acting a little different than usual.  We do it in the name of ideals or righteousness, but it comes out all wrong.  As we ramp up our training for the Fifth Third River Bank Run let’s take some of that runner’s mentality and apply it to life—we will all be a little happier when we focus on our similarities, not our differences!

Be safe as you begin (or continue) you training.  If you run into any problems along the way Metro Health Sports Medicine is here to help.  We work with Olympians, professionals, college and high school athletes, and lots and lots of runners.  Our physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers will keep you moving forward—call us at 252-7778 or find us at .  We will continue our Injury Wise clinics at Gazelle Sports every Wednesday from 6-8 PM.  Athletes of all ages and sports welcome!

 Be Active!

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