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Dr K - Course Correction

Course Correction
Ed Kornoelje DO, Metro Health Sports Medicine

Have you ever looked back at where you came from and wondered “how did I get so far off course?”  It may be a literal (like in a run or hike) or figurative (as in life).  Many times when you retrace your steps you realize that while your most recent path is pretty good, one right angle turn at the beginning sent you in the entirely wrong direction.  You have been in fact zigging and zagging at the right times, you are just doing it 90 degrees off course.  Many times you feel like you have failed miserably because you are far from where you thought we would be.  If running (or biking as happened to me a few years ago) you must adjust course and find the true path.  The same holds true in life with a slight but important twist.  Unlike really running or biking, in life you can take a portal of sorts and get back where you need to be.  Instead of retracing all of your steps, just keep doing the things that are working for you and adjust where and how you are doing them.  Don’t scrap the whole thing—there is likely a lot of good that has been done.  Focus on that and make a small adjustment to get going in the right direction!

I would like to thank you for reading these articles.  Many of you let me know in the office, at various expo’s and on race day that they can be somewhat helpful—thanks!  In my day job (which I am not quitting anytime soon) I help people get and stay active.  I have excellent partners that do the same thing.  To find out how to see us call 252-7778 or click on  We would love to help you out!

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